[Video] Trainer Fit Tip of The Day: The Christmas Fit Tip



Season’s greeting. My name is Gabriela and I’m one of the trainers at Brick Bodies and Lynne Brick’s. We have this holiday themed fit-tip this time around, and it’s all about push-ups, but before we hit the deck, I’m going to suck in that holiday gut.

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Come on down, the long back, hands just outside the shoulders, we’re going to bring the chest right down the elbow high. You know this move, but do you know how to spice it up? Opposite knee to opposite elbow. That’s going to also bring in more core. And for even more challenge, plyo push-ups. Now, we can modify this if you’re just starting out, but to do that, I’m going to need help from my little friend.

We start with the traditional push-ups right on the knees, chest at elbow height, get down nice and low. Now, to modify the knees, we bring them to the outside arc. For plyo push-ups we stay on the knees and get just a little separation between the hands and the floor. Happy holidays.

We end every fit-tip with a corny joke, so my little elf what do elves learn in school?

-The elfabet’. I told you it was corny.

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