[Video] Trainer Fit Tip of The Day: The Favorite Chest Press


Hi, my name is Gabriella, a fitness trainer here at Brick Body’s and Lynn Brick’s Clubs. I have a fitness tip for you about the favorite chest press. Now, it’s a new year so you’re going to see this exercise in a lot of different formats. Let’s break it down.

The Favorite Chest Press

First off, you start with your feet flat on the floor and you pick up your bar. Set it down. Roll back. Nice long back and neck. Feet are still flat. Hip width distance and you want a nice wide grip on that bar.

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We start by pressing straight up and we smooth our way down. This is important; we don’t let our elbows sink below that bench height. We want to keep our rotator cuff nice and healthy. When we squeeze up, imagine giving a big hug through the chest. Keep a fist distance between the bar and the chest. We want to see continuous motion. We don’t want to stagger unless it’s called for. We want to keep that bar over the chest. Not over the neck or over the chin. Keep this up and your chest will be ready for the bathing suit season.

We end all our fitness tips with a corny joke. Here’s mine: Why don’t you see any mice on my shoulders? Because I got too many traps. Told you it was corny!

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