Three Training Secrets of Olympic Athletes [Video]

Video Transcription

The first principle is the Principle of Specificity of Training. If you want to get faster, you do speed exercises. If you want to jump higher, you do explosive training. With regards to weekend warriors, your focus is to lose weight. Focus on fat burning exercises that are intense. If you just want to improve your conditioning, focus on longer, slower distance training.

The second principle is the Principle of Quality Training. It’s the quality of your workouts that make the difference, not the quantity. Sure, more intense workouts get more results than longer, less intense ones. So remember, it’s the effort you put into your workouts, not the time. That means to put more effort in everything you do. Increase your weights, get up and walk around between sets, pick up your pace when you’re doing cardiovascular exercise. Leisurely walking is not exercise, it is leisurely walking.

Principle number three is Rest and Recovery. Rest and recovery are critical. If you’re going to break a muscle down, you’ve got to give it a chance to build back up. That means to get plenty of sleep. Remember, one hour of sleep before midnight is worth two hours after midnight.

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Vary your workouts so you’re not always working for the same muscle groups and breaking them down. Take some time off, do plenty of stretching, even get a massage every now and then.
Specificity of training, Quality training, rest and recovery.

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