Post-Workout Tips: What You Should Never Eat After Exercising [Video]

(Video features Victor Brick)

Are you your own worst enemy? Do you completely negate the positive benefits of exercise by what you eat within two hours after you stop your workout? It all comes down to HGH. HGH Magazine states that if you consume sugar within two hours after exercising, you will greatly inhibit the production of HGH, which is Human Growth Hormone. Human Growth Hormone aids in tissue, among other things aids in tissue repair, muscle development and in fat burning. HGH works synergistically with exercise to burn fat off that two hour period after you stop exercising. Follow these nutrition post-workout tips to reach your full fitness potential.

Post-Workout Tips: What NOT to Eat

In reality, you only burn carbohydrates during your exercise workout period, and you burn fat after you exercise. If you eat a diet either high in sugar or carbohydrates, remember carbohydrates breaks down into blood sugar, you will inhibit that fat burning effect.

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Now what should you eat? Well, first, what you should not eat. That includes fructose in fruit juices and sports drinks and in fruit. So what does that leave you with? That leaves low carbohydrate, low sugar foods such as nuts, vegetables, lean meats, and fish. What should you drink? You should drink the water of course. Now keep in mind, be very careful of protein supplements like bars and shakes as they can often be very high in sugar.

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So to get the maximum benefit of your exercise and to take advantage of that critical two-hour window of fat burning effect, make sure that you eliminate sugar and carbohydrates from your diet for the two hours after you stop exercising.

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