A Moment on the Lips, and a Lifetime on the Hips [Video]

Video Transcription

How long do you think it takes for your body to store fat such as a fatty meal of a Big Mac and a shake? It’s a lot quicker than a lot of people thought. Researchers at Oxford University, Professors Frayn and Karpe found that within three hours, you begin to store fat in the short-term storage area of your waist. If you don’t do something to metabolize that fat, it gets stored in the long-term storage areas of your hips and thighs.

You want to think of your waist as a loading dock for fat for your body. If you can start to get rid of the fat in the loading dock before it gets stored in the warehouse of your hips and thighs, it is much more easy to get rid of it. The key is to start metabolizing the fat within the first three hours. You can get a formal exercise program in, which is a normal aerobic class or group exercise class.

Sometimes this method can be just as simple as walking. Just take a ten minute walk after you eat a meal or after you eat a fatty food. Everyone has dessert, and everyone eats some foods that might affect the body weight more than others. That is when you’ll need to be most conscious of doing something within the first three hours to prevent body fat from going from the loading dock of your waist to the warehouse of your hips and thighs.

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