Make a Big Splash with Water Aerobics!


When most people think of water aerobics, they think of the elderly and the infirm. However, while water fitness classes do have plenty of benefits for older, less mobile people, the reality is that they also offer extraordinary advantages for people of all ages and abilities. Here’s a closer look at five amazing water aerobics benefits, as well as a tour of some of Brick Bodies’ most popular aquatic offerings.

5 Amazing Water Aerobics Benefits

“If you think of water aerobics as an easy workout where people bob and float around the pool, think again. A water aerobics workout challenges your heart, lungs, and muscles, and because the water surrounds your body, it provides resistance in every direction,” says AZCentral. What, specifically, can you expect to gain from getting wet?

1. Get Stronger

Factor in resistance from water flowing at you from every direction with a resistance of as much as 42 percent greater than air as well as the unpredictability of water, and your whole body will consistently be engaged during a water workout. As a result, you’ll strain harder in the pool — and enjoy enhanced strength, flexibility, and agility in the process. Water also boasts restorative qualities, which is why it’s a go-to form of rehabilitation for people recovering from injuries.

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2. Put Less Stress on Your Body

Thanks to a little something called gravity, water aerobics provides all of this resistance with none of the impact you’d encounter on a land workout. This is much easier on the body. Concludes one scientific study, “The buoyant force of water results in a significant reduction of body weight in the water (approximately 90 percent of the weight of a person submerged to the neck). This dramatically decreases compression stress on weight-bearing joints, bones, and muscles.”

3. Relieve Stress

Anyone who’s ever been to the beach knows just how soothing water can be. That same feeling of tranquility is facilitated in the pool. In fact, according to the results of another study from Poland on the link between aquatic exercise and anxiety, “aqua-aerobic sessions significantly reduced the state of anxiety… Moreover, participation in aqua-aerobic training steadily reduced negative mood states as compared with the initial values or with sedentary subjects.”

4. Burn More Calories

Water aerobics offers a winning fusion of cardio and strength training. According to the website HealthFitnessRevolution, “depending on cardio activity, weight (including additional weights such as dumbbells and weight belts), water temperature, volume and buoyancy, the body can burn between 400 to 500 calories in an hour of exercise.” (Water aerobics classes are just one approach to burning calories and getting a better body. For more great tips, download our e-book “4 Weeks to a Better Body” today).

5. Have Fun

No workout is sustainable without three little letters: FUN. We all remember how much fun a trip to the pool was as a kid. Fans of water aerobics know this exhilarating feeling doesn’t have to go away in adulthood. From motivating music, to cool moves, to its uniquely social nature, water aerobics is a calorie-burning twist on a good, old-fashioned pool party.

Dive in with Brick Bodies

Want to know one of the best things about this increasingly popular form of exercise? There are many different ways to enjoy a water workout, including H2Run, Aqua Flow, Aqua Zumba, Aqua Sculpt, and Aqua Boot Camp.

If you love to spin, then Aqua Cycle at Brick Bodies may be the workout for you. It offers all of the amazing resistance of a water workout, on a bike, with classes including Gentle Waves, Athletic Interval, and SHOCK WAVE.

So what are you waiting for?  Sign Up for an Aquatic Session today to start getting in on the aquatic action.

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