Healthy Holiday Tip: Veggies First, Dessert Second

healthy holiday tips

Many people indulge a little too much during the holidays and then after it’s all over, they regret a few of the decisions they’ve made. This year, why not try something different? You don’t have to gain the weight that many people put on at this time of year. You can take control, make a few changes in your approach, and come out with your diet intact.

Dig Into Your Veggies First

healthy holiday tipFill your plate with as many fresh vegetables as possible. Salads, steamed vegetables, or whatever else is being served, provided they are cooked in a healthy manner are all fair game.

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Eat a big ole dose of these and then if you still want to have dessert once the meal is done, go for a small piece. Vegetables are great as they fill up your stomach, providing bulk to the meal and reducing your urge to eat. If you eat enough of them, you may just find that you want to skip that dessert entirely.

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So keep this tip in mind as you move through the holiday season. If you plan ahead a bit and are mindful in how you go about the process, you can enjoy the meal without setting back your progress.

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