What Happens in a Body Sculpting Class?


Weight loss is just one of the reasons that brings people into the gym. Also high on the list for many exercise enthusiasts is the quest for leaner, more toned bodies.

Achieving this involves more than just cardio, however. It also takes targeted strength training on the arms, core, abs, and other “trouble” spots. Enter body sculpting classes. Wondering just what is involved in this popular type of workout? Here’s a closer look.

What is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting, also known as core conditioning, is a strength-building, muscle toning, stretching workout method performed in a class setting. Classes typically begin with a warm-up period, followed by light cardio and stretching aimed at getting muscles warm and limber, leading up to core-building exercises and concluding with a cool-down period to reduce lingering tightness and cramping. Many classes incorporate a number of types of equipment, including exercise bands, dumbbells, weight bars, stability balls, and other tools. Other body sculpting classes primarily rely on body weight as resistance.

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While body sculpting classes vary depending on the instructor, many focus on the major muscle groups, which experts say is the best way to maximize your workout. Says Jillian Michaels, “A full body-sculpting workout regimen targets all of your major muscle groups during each workout. A routine that works your whole body is the most efficient, effective way to sculpt your muscles and shape up all over.”

Other body sculpting classes may specifically address a particular area of the body, such as arms or glutes. While it is true that you cannot spot-reduce or burn fat in a particular target area, you can build and tone muscle in these areas leading to a stronger, more toned appearance.

During any body sculpting class, the instructor will explain and demonstrate each exercise and accompanying equipment, if necessary. He or she may also modify certain exercises to suit the varying abilities of participants. You can also learn the basics of body sculpting by signing up for a personal trainer session.

The Benefits of Body Sculpting

While a sleeker, fitter silhouette may be the main goal in taking a body sculpting class, there are additional benefits to adding body sculpting to your regular fitness routine. In addition to strengthening muscles and adding definition, body sculpting can also minimize the risk of bone loss if sufficiently heavy weights are used.

Here’s one last thing to keep in mind. Body sculpting is appropriate for people of all levels and abilities, but first-timers — even cardio pros — should expect some muscle soreness after their first classes. And because body sculpting exercises are usually easy to learn and low-impact, they put less pressure on the joints while reducing the risk of injury.

Here’s the best part. The more body sculpting classes you take, the stronger and more flexible you will become. Even better, in increasing your lean muscle tissue, you will also boost your metabolism, meaning you will increase the number of calories you burn and become increasingly efficient.

While there are no shortcuts to getting a better body and hard work is an essential part of the equation, choosing the right exercise routine, including body sculpting, can lead to maximized results. To start optimizing your own workout routine by taking advantage of body sculpting classes and other techniques, sign up for a trial pass today.


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