Get Fit With Aqua Spin [Video]

Video Transcription

Today you’ll be learning about how you can change up your workout or your recovery days with an Aqua Spinning class. The neat thing about biking in water versus on land is that water is much thicker than air is, so your legs have to push constantly and pull harder than they would on land. You also – because there is no peddle on the bike, have to really make sure you’re engaging your muscles on the back side of your leg to smooth out that peddle stroke.

While on a bike, a person changes the resistance while changing their body positions. So, you will start in one; then you can come up to two where you tuck your rear end underneath yourself. Staying nice and tall, you can go out to three where you lift your rear end over the seat, tummy is nice and tight, and you really got all that tension on your legs. Now, when you need a break, you can come all the way back to recumbent position, four, and take a nice break here.

After your workout, you’ll notice that you don’t feel exhausted and drained, and that’s because your heart can work much more efficiently in the water than it is on land as it is not fighting gravity.

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