Do I Need to Go to the Gym? All Signs Point to YES!

Do I Need to Go to the Gym

We’ve all had that thought, “Do I need to go to the gym?” I mean, you’ve got that new DVD from Billy Blanks on your pre-order list, and you’ve had your eye on that Shake Weight for a while now. But please, do me a favor: stop, slap yourself, and consider the possibility that maybe these workout options won’t be able to deliver on that 4-weeks to shredded promise.

To be brutally honest, if you tried to fill an elevator with the people who’ve achieved their dream bodies working out to a DVD at home, you would be left with some luxurious elbow room and some space left over for a small puppy.

The fact is… Going to the Gym has Amazing Benefits for Your Health and Fitness.

Recognizing them will clarify why you need to get yourself a gym membership!

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Pristine Equipment and Facilities

Do I Need to Go to the GymHaving a gym membership means never having to worry about maintaining or cluttering up your home with expensive workout gear. Most gyms carry a broad range of free weights, machines, and other apparatuses ensuring that no matter how elite you become, there will always be something there to challenge you and encourage gains.

And if lifting weights isn’t your thing, then you may want to join in on group classes like:

• Yoga
• Pilates
• Spin Class
• Aqua Aerobics

Some health clubs even provide extra services like onsite massage therapists, saunas, steam rooms and jacuzzis, all of which are perfect for aiding recovery.

Motivation and Focus

The thought of a gym conjures up a number of mental images: people training, working up a sweat, losing weight and gaining muscle. These mental images create an atmosphere with a single focus, the focus of health and fitness.

Do I Need to Go to the GymWorking out at home may be convenient to start with, but distractions like the television, the internet, housemates, the laundry and other chores tend to get in the way of your focus and can kill your motivation. Working out at home leads to thoughts like “I wonder what’s on TV” or “I’ll work out later.”  Being in a gym tells you “I’m here for one thing, and one thing only.”

Also, the fact that you’re paying a fee is another incentive. Like me, I’m sure you’re the type of person who likes to get their money’s worth. Often, when a piece of exercise equipment is bought for the home, it experiences some initial use but is then left to gather cobwebs in the corner of the garage. Gym memberships are ongoing, and if you’re financially responsible, you’ll want to get what you pay for.

The Option to Work With a Trainer

Working out at home means you’re pretty much on your own, physically and figuratively. No one to check if you’re performing the movements safely. No one to push you when you need pushing, or to tell you to rest when you need resting. Personal trainers are one of the most valuable assets to be found in a gym. They not only help you towards your goals but can also provide valuable education during the process.

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