A Better Burpee Workout [VIDEO]

Video Transcription

Hi guys, my name is Mandie Evans, I’m a personal trainer here at Brick bodies at Perry Hall. So today I’m going to show you how to do a next level burpee. I’m sure that all of you have done burpees whether it was in a class or with a trainer. So I’m going to show you how to take it to the next level, really work out your cardiovascular system and really add in a new strength component.

You all know how to do the regular burpee, but what I’m going to do is add in a BOSU ball which takes away stability a little bit, so it makes you use more muscles for you to stabilize yourself. I’m going to go ahead and show the burpees, so I’m going to jump up, come back down into my plank position, jumping my feet back out, jump back up, and all the way up. That’s step one, so that’s the first one. And if we want to progress this a little bit more, we are going to add in the shoulder presses, which is going to work out our shoulders, and our triceps, and our upper body a little bit more.

I’m going to show this one next. We are going to jump up, back to plank position, jump your feet back up, and shoulder press, and back down. And then you start over from there. So that’s the second exercise and if you want even more core activation what we are going to do is to add in our mountain climber. I’m sure you’ve done mountain climbers before, so we are going to add this in with that whole movement. I’m going to show this twice so you kind of get an idea of the flow. When we go down on the BOSU we are going to hold our mountain climbers and back to the core and bring our knee into our chest. We are going to jump, back down, going to do mountain climbers, three, two, and one, jump back up, shoulder press, and then we are going to do it again.

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That’s the final exercise, so I guarantee if you do that about ten times it will definitely get your heart rate up, you’ll feel your whole body working, and it’s really great exercise, so give it a try.

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