The Best & Worst of Muscle Growth Supplements

muscle growth supplements

Looking to bulk up like your favorite Marvel superhero but having trouble with those gains? Muscle growth supplements offer a great way to boost muscle growth and they can help you get that much closer to your ideal physique. But heading to your nearest vitamin store can be confusing, pricey and frustrating if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Follow this simple guide to avoid all those gimmicky options and find the perfect muscle building supplement for your needs.

The Honest Truth About Muscle Growth Supplements

The Best

  • Protein Powder

muscle growth supplementsHaving a tough time woofing down 6 meals a day but still want to see more muscle growth? Then protein powder is a great option for you. As muscle growth supplements go, this is one of the most affordable and easily accessible. It is fast, convenient and effective in making sure you’re getting all the protein you need for your new bodybuilding hobby.

  • Creatine

This workout supplement is the most well-researched and well-loved option for those looking to build muscle safely and quickly. It is ideal for building muscle faster, improves anaerobic endurance and helps to improve your muscle recovery. Creatine also helps to increase the water content in your muscles cells, making them appear bigger and grow faster. Win-win!

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  • Beta-Alanine

Your body already naturally produces this amino acid, so it is categorized as non-essential but that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective for muscle growth. The combination of beta-alanine and L-histidine in the body creates carnosine, which is stored in both the brain and your muscles. Carnosine is important for a number of psychological processes and helps to regulate the acidity levels in your muscles. By reducing muscle acidity, your muscles can work longer and grow more quickly.

The Worst

  • Testosterone Boosters

While you may fear that you are one of those guys that have low testosterone levels, the promises made by these types of products aren’t likely to put more hair on your chest. Even if they did work to boost your testosterone levels, they certainly wouldn’t help you build muscle faster.

  • Branched-Chain Amino Acids or BCCAs

You’ve probably seen those intense looking bodybuilders at the gym carrying around a jug of pink liquid at least once or twice. While they may look tough and a little menacing, their jug of BCCAs is highly overrated. While the 3 essential amino acids contained in that jug —leucine, isoleucine, and valine— are all good for you, all the amino acids you need to rebuild muscle can be found in a healthy diet.

Supplements Can Help You Reach Your Body Goals

When it comes down to it, supplements are great for building more muscle when combined with a healthy diet and a steady workout routine, While it would be nice if they magically transformed you into Thor, they can only give you a little extra boost. So make sure you’re putting in the work at the gym!

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